Your Character’s Backstory In this tutorial I will explain why and how you should write your character backstory. Character backstory – A character’s backstory is his past; the narrative history of his life preceding the commencement of the main story. Mar 20,  · Write a statement on the defendant’s character. In paragraph 3, write a statement on the character traits of the defendant. Highlight positive character traits such as honesty, courage, love, or state why you think the defendant is a family man, a hard worker, or a good parent%(14). Writing a runaway/homeless character? thinksuchthings: “ It’s very possible that one day you’ll want to write a runaway, or someone living on the streets, or someone who is just up to no good, or all.

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He was out there when it was freezing cold and in the height of summer. He didn't care what it was like out, he was being given an opportunity to fight back against his situation and he would never go back on his word, how to write a homeless character. He'd had so much anger growing up and he ran away from every chance someone was willing to give him. Not this time, he thought to himself, this might be the last one he'd ever get. What was the situation behind his homelessness and will he ever be able to pull himself out of it?


He'd buy two for right then and one for the next morning. On some days he had a little bit extra and that went into the savings in a zipped up pocket on his coat. He didn't know what he was saving for, but maybe someday he'd be able to talk about it using some different words.

What are people's usual reactions to his consistent chatter? He had a big family and he loved talking about it with his friends. From time to time, his brother from the big city would come in and chat with him and give him a little bit of money.

The friend relented and she went to the other side of the country with nothing but a change of clothes and a few knick knacks. She found how to write a homeless character local homeless shelter and slept it fits and spurts the next night. She had finally gotten away from the awful life she'd been living, but she wondered if she could avoid her father's grasp until she was What will she do to keep herself safe over the next two years and thereafter?

That's when child protective services took her son away, how to write a homeless character. She knew where he was and the family who watched over him let her visit from time to time, even though they weren't really supposed to. She wanted to get a job again so that she could get her baby back. She hasn't found anybody willing to hire a homeless, how to write a homeless character, how to write a homeless character yet, but damned if she wasn't going to keep trying.

What happened next? One night as she slept in her usual spot, she remembered the childhood story of the troll who lived under the bridge. That was her alright. She had her cart and her set of blankets perpetually stashed under a bridge. She discovered it one night when she was trying to avoid the rain and she'd kept there ever since. A cop had once come up to her and asked her to move and she kindly began to pack up her stuff before he had a change of heart. She remembered that the troll used to eat the goats that would pass the bridge.

The most exciting event she'd ever experienced was when the local baseball team made it to the World Series and everybody was going crazy.


how to write a homeless character

The answer was yes and no. After all, how to write a homeless character was him in a way, because the name on his birth certificate matched up with the name that used to be located above a locker in a professional locker room, how to write a homeless character. Despite that, he felt like he was a completely different person as his life imploded on him, how to write a homeless character. He handled the pace of the NFL just fine but it was the personal life during it that self-destructed on him.

Make sure your character remembers things.. A street-smart person is someone who has noticed a pattern in life and uses that to their advantage. He noticed that a gang always hangs out in a certain pub because he sees the same four or five people going in every evening, some of them with bloody knuckles, maybe one has a gun hidden in their jacket which he caught a glimpse of once. There are different ways to help homeless individuals, including writing a letter to help spread the message about homeless issues. If you write a letter about homelessness locally, statewide or nationally, address the letter to a government official or agency or organization that assists homeless individuals, describing in your letter the the. Your Character’s Backstory In this tutorial I will explain why and how you should write your character backstory. Character backstory – A character’s backstory is his past; the narrative history of his life preceding the commencement of the main story.

All the passed on the bridge were cars that from time to time would wake her up. She didn't want to eat any goats, she just wanted to make it to the next day. What are some of the other places she has set up camp aside from under the bridge? If she was going to be on the streets, she was happy to be on the streets in a place where people would share their booze with her. They didn't all directly share it, of course, she would hunt around for cups of half-finished beer and would snatch it before their waiters could in the outdoor seating areas of restaurants.

how to write a homeless character

She hung around outside a pretty raucous bar and someone actually bought a bottle of champagne for her. That was a crazy night and she could barely even stumble the next day. Those were the kind of nights she missed before she lost her home and money. What role did alcohol play in her becoming homeless?

She hung out with a rough crowd and she almost laughed thinking about some of the stupid stuff they did. That crowd was the how to write a homeless character one that got her into drugs during school, an addiction that she never could quite get a hold of.

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What are some of the jobs she's applied for and what were the circumstances that led to her arrest? The phrases he said all day long when asking for change were starting to stick in how to write a homeless character head. Because people at the shelter he stayed at were so quiet, it seemed like the only words he said all day were, how to write a homeless character, "Get a guy something to eat," and "God bless you. At the how to write a homeless character of the day, he was able to go into the discount grocery store and get himself some snacks.


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She remembered hearing one time that most people who pass by the homeless are thinking to themselves, "She should go get a job? When she had a place to live, how to write a homeless character, she had a job and it barely kept her and her son afloat. When her son's daddy got into trouble, she tried to help him and got locked up as a result.

Free Character Writing Prompts Homeless People These free character writing prompts are focused on the plights and lives of homeless people. We see them on the streets begging for change, food and shelter and most of the time we turn away. For some of us, it's because panhandling is often illegal and for others it's because we don't truly care.

He sang for the hope that someday, he'd have enough money together to live somewhere again. His life was very difficult and at least he knew that he'd be happy as long as he kept singing.

What kind of songs does how to write a homeless character sing and will he ever meet his son again later in life? She felt like she hadn't looked in a mirror in ages. Her hair was graying more than it had the last time she looked. Her teeth were continuing to rot how to write a homeless character and they looked more brown than she remembered. She used to be pretty, she recalled, and the boys she hung out with in school always told her so.

Will he ever be able to get back on his feet or back into the game? Her father gave her a choice and she took it. She could continue living the abusive, horrible life she'd been living or she could run away and be hunted. He said he would lie and tell police about the awful things she'd done and how she needed to be put away in juvenile hall, how to write a homeless character. She ran to a friend and begged her for enough money for a bus ticket.


Even now, years since she'd had the stuff, she knew that just one breath of it would send her back down the hole for another half a decade. What is her day to day routine like and how does she plan on getting back on her feet?


At that time, the brother would tell him how all the family members were doing. This man without a home loved family more than anything and he told everybody every last detail of his family members. He couldn't wait for each visit, even though they happened quite sporadically. When it had been a while since he saw his brother, he decided to gather up what little money he had and head into the big city to find his brother. When he got to the address his brother had given him, he got quite a surprise.

He thought he could get anything he wanted just by taking it, since that's what he did on the field. Drugs, women, prison and homelessness followed from that style of living.

A few others of us can barely stand to watch someone struggling so much. People that have no home were typically not born that way and may have a rich history of success and failure. Drugs can be involved and a string of bad luck is almost always involved. Creating a three-dimensional character instead of one who simply says, "Spare some change? He loved his corner and everybody who stopped to wish him well. He was a vendor of a local homeless magazine and sold copies in order to help himself and the homeless in general.

People would ask him all the time if he used to be that guy on the television. The one who was making big tackles on the football field and trying to get million dollar endorsement deals.

Life had dealt him some tough blows in his life but he refused to stop singing. After all, due to the busker's license a friend had gotten him, his singing in public for change was completely legal. He would position himself inside the train station and sing for his dinner all day long. About halfway through, he'd use some of the change for a water to help his throat and then he'd keep on going. He had a kid somewhere and though he had no idea where he was in the world, he sang for that child of his.